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Some call it addiction, I call it eggdiction.


You rest silent and still, unassuming amongst the pack.

My naked eye widens upon first glance.

Cool to the touch, you are indifferent to my cupped hands.

I have a plan to make you mine.

In one fell swoop, I cradle and crack with swift intent.

Your smooth exterior is fragile and I am pleased.

Through trials and tribulations you are transformed.

Beaten, whipped, bathed and flipped.

The swan emerges triumphant.

Beautiful, delicate and inviting.

Shifting, alluring and malleable.

From bird to chameleon, you change to satisfy the masses.

The pillar, the prop, the main event, the glue that binds.

I bow my head in grace, only to reduce you to nothing.

Consumed with adoration.

Devoured with greed and gluttony.

My ode to my love.  My ode to the egg.

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