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Erika’s New Adventure

The start of it all. It only takes the one moment to decide. For us, for me, it was precisely five minutes into our Christmas vacation to Cuba to say yes. And here I am almost nine months later on the brink of marriage. I know what you are all thinking, elope but aha! We [...]

Did Anyone Catch The License Plate on that Bottle Of Wine?

I have a history of issues with White Zinfandel that date long before I became a sommelier. There is no wine snobbery here. To be quite frank, White Zinfandel scares me. My university roommate was a lunatic, albeit a very charismatic individual, who would drink a litre bottle of E & J Gallo before heading [...]

Waiter! There’s A Sauvignon Blanc Swimming in my Chardonnay Glass!

A little advice towards choosing the right glass to enjoy your favorite wine.


For anyone who has ever worked the Christmas season in a restaurant, you can fully understand the chaotic hustle that happens at this time of year. Furniture is continuously rearranged, parties expand and your dreams are filled with ringing phones and popping corks. (The proper term for this is “server nightmares”). Guests are in celebration [...]


For one weekend only, 2007 SCREAMING EAGLE BY THE GLASS!

InKhoherent Ramblings

Athlete of the Year: Karen Kho  It was happening all over again.  In an instant, I had transformed into a 10 year old version of myself in grade 5 gym class.  My recurring nightmare, its soccer-baseball day and it’s my turn up to the plate.   “Karen’s up, everybody move iiiiiin!”  I stare blankly at the [...]